Monday, October 30, 2006

Web Based SQL Server and MSDE Database Administration Tool

If you are familiar with MySQL database, of course you are familiar too with phpMyAdmin (a web based MySQL administration tool). So you can manage your MySQL database anywhere over the internet. Now, the question is "Is there a tool for managing SQL Server database over the web?". The answer is Yes. There are several web based tools for managing SQL Server database. Ever you hear about myLittleAdmin?

myLittleAdmin is a web-based SQL Server and MSDE Database administration tool from It is intended to handle the administration of SQL Server and MSDE databases over the WWW. It allows you to fully manage your databases even when you don't want or cannot use MS Enterprise Manager.

With myLittleAdmin, you will do through a browser almost everything you did before with Enterprise Manager. myLittleAdmin is the best solution to remotely administer SQL Server and MSDE. myLitteAdmin also includes several tools, including a "backup database" wizard, a "restore database" wizard, a "generate INSERT" wizard, an "import CSV file" wizard and much more.

Windows-based Web hosting companies can integrate myLittleAdmin as a part of their hosting product offering. Developers get a fast, easy-to-use administration tool. myLittleAdmin is script based and does not need installation of any component or DLL on your server. You can just put it in a Virtual webserver and start running it instantly.

At last, myLittleAdmin is available in source code format (ASP and VBScript). A lite version is available for free so you can test it in your own production environment.