Friday, May 02, 2008

Strange Behaviour on D-Link DSL-302T ADSL Modem

In my home (actually my parent in law home) i have two computers connected on LAN using switch. I have an ADSL modem (D-Link DSL-302T) and want to make my two computers connected on the internet. So, i plug a modem RJ 45 to the switch and also each computers.

I configure the IP address like this : (ADSL Modem) (Computer 1) (Computer 2)

and pointing the gateway on each computer to the ADSL modem IP (

Logically, this setting have to work. But, in fact i can't browsing to the internet on each computers. I saw the log on the modem that my modem already connected and got WAN IP address.

So, what's wrong here? Ok, i try to solve this problem by changing the TCP/IP address to obtain an IP address automatically.

Check the connection using ping command and restore the TCP/IP address to the default IP address which is and

And, magically now all computers connected to the internet.


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aris said...

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