Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Burning CD on Slackware 8.1 with cdrecord

In this article, i'll show you how to burning CD on Slackware Linux version 8.1

(1) If you want to burning a CD data, for a first time you must convert your data to ISO format. For example, if you want burning all *.mp3 files then you must create your ISO with this command :

mkisofs -J -l -r -o song.iso *.mp3

And then you can burning your ISO files with this command :

cdrecord -v -multi -data speed=24 dev=0,0,0 song.iso

For your attention, this command used if you want to burn a data on a fresh blank CD. The option -multi used in order to make your CD multi session.

(2) To continuing your burning on the same CD with multi session, you need to find where is the start location of your next burning. You can do this by typing this command :

cdrecord -msinfo dev=0,0,0

To burn a next data, it's same as the first step. Create a second ISO file, for example :

mkisofs -J -l -r -o doc.iso -M /dev/cdrw -c 0,49354 *.doc

And then to burning your ISO use :

cdrecord -v -multi -data speed=24 dev=0,0,0 doc.iso

It's easy. Isn't it ? It may all step above useful for the other Slackware or Linux version.

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