Monday, July 24, 2006

Is TOAD Incompatible with Oracle 10g ?

As a software developer, of course there are many tools that i need to try and choose what are the best tools for developing the application.

On my experience, i have found that TOAD and PL/SQL Developer is a good tools for managing Oracle databases. But, since Oracle 10g released there is a strange between TOAD and Oracle. Especially if we DROP the Oracle TABLE from TOAD. It would evoke the Oracle 10g to raise the fake TABLE like BIN$9+bny8IM+WbgMBCsHAEm/A==$0 who's mean that this is DDL/DML objects in Recycle Bin.

At the first time, i think this is the incompatibility between TOAD and Oracle 10g. But, next i found that the recycle bin is the new featured on Oracle 10g. So, TOAD still work with Oracle 10g without any incompatibility.

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