Monday, July 24, 2006

The Important of Project Document

Maybe for some developer's who got a new job or a new position in a new place, not only developing a new application but he/she must and have a duty to maintain other application that had been running for many times and may be many years.

It's important that the Project Leader must forcing the developer to make a well documented project document.

As this happen to me. I have to shoot directly to the database from a thousand member data from the other database type - in this case .DBF - so, i have to converti it to the csv and then load to the database. But, what is the important? I have to know the database design firstly. What happen if there are no documented. I have to trace and re-engineered a database so i can tracert the logic or relationship of database.

It's something difficult. So, keep your project well documented.

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you P. Asep.
A project leader must enforce the team members to do documentations though it's troublesome and takes time. But indeed documentation is very important and will be helpful for the next step of software development cycles.
Foremost, not the project leader alone who must enforce the members to do documentations; but each team members alone also need to have a discipline in doing the documentations; coz a project is a team's work not an individual work; so if a project failed the one who should be blamed isn't the leader but the whole team, though the team leader should take the responsibility 'cos he/she is the appointed leader.
Cheers.......btw how r u P.Asep? :-)