Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Oracle Standard Exceptions

Below are Oracle Standard Exceptions.

Exception Name : DUP_VAL_ON_INDEX
Oracle Error : ORA-00001
Explanation : You tried to execute an INSERT or UPDATE
statement that has created a duplicate value in a field
restricted by a unique index.

Oracle Error : ORA-00051
Explanation : You were waiting for a resource and you
timed out.

Oracle Error : ORA-00061
Explanation : The remote portion of a transaction has
rolled back.

Exception Name : INVALID_CURSOR
Oracle Error : ORA-01001
Explanation : You tried to reference a cursor that does
not yet exist. This may have happened because you've
executed a FETCH cursor or CLOSE cursor before
OPENing the cursor.

Exception Name : NOT_LOGGED_ON
Oracle Error : ORA-01012
Explanation : You tried to execute a call to Oracle before
logging in.

Exception Name : LOGIN_DENIED
Oracle Error : ORA-01017
Explanation : You tried to log into Oracle with an invalid
username/password combination.

Exception Name : NO_DATA_FOUND
Oracle Error : ORA-01403
Explanation : You tried one of the following:

1. You executed a SELECT INTO statement and no rows
were returned.
2. You referenced an uninitialized row in a table.
3. You read past the end of file with the UTL_FILE package.

Exception Name : TOO_MANY_ROWS
Oracle Error : ORA-01422
Explanation : You tried to execute a SELECT INTO
statement and more than one row was returned.

Exception Name : ZERO_DIVIDE
Oracle Error : ORA-01476
Explanation : You tried to divide a number by zero.

Exception Name : INVALID_NUMBER
Oracle Error : ORA-01722
Explanation : You tried to execute an SQL statement that
tried to convert a string to a number, but it was unsuccessful.

Exception Name : STORAGE_ERROR
Oracle Error : ORA-06500
Explanation : You ran out of memory or memory was

Exception Name : PROGRAM_ERROR
Oracle Error : ORA-06501
Explanation : This is a generic "Contact Oracle support"
message because an internal problem was encountered.

Exception Name : VALUE_ERROR
Oracle Error : ORA-06502
Explanation : You tried to perform an operation and there
was a error on a conversion, truncation, or invalid
constraining of numeric or character data.

Oracle Error : ORA-06511
Explanation : You tried to open a cursor that is already open.


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